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Melissa Link is endorsed by the Athens-Clarke County Democrats in the May 21st, 2024 local election for District 2 Commissioner. She is recognized as the only Democrat in this nonpartisan race.

Melissa Link is extremely proud to have been endorsed by the International Association of Firefighters Local 2795 in the March 2023 special election. As District 3 Commissioner, Melissa strongly supported a resolution to formally recognize this local chapter of this union and allow Athens-Clarke County Firefighters to exercise their rights to collectively bargain as allowed by the Georgia State Constitution. ACC firefighters won that right with Melissa's vote when she was reinstated to the Commission in April 2023. Melissa will also continue to advocate for a Fire Safety fee to be applied to all large-scale buildings, including untaxed UGA properties and mega churches, to assure our firefighters are adequately equipped and properly compensated as they continue to serve an ever-growing population in an ever more complex built environment.

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