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Melissa Link is extremely proud to have been endorsed by the International Association of Firefighters Local 2795. As District 3 Commissioner, Melissa strongly supported a resolution to formally recognize this local chapter of this union and allow Athens-Clarke County Firefighters to exercise their rights to collectively bargain as allowed by the Georgia State Constitution. Melissa will also continue to advocate for a Fire Safety fee to be applied to all large-scale buildings, including untaxed UGA properties and mega churches, to assure our firefighters are adequately equipped and properly compensated as they continue to serve an ever-growing population in an ever more complex built environment.

Melissa has also been endorsed by the following current & former elected officials & committee members:

Carol Myers, ACC District 8 Commissioner
Patrick Davenport, ACC District 10 Commissioner
Russell Edwards, former ACC District 7 Commissioner
Kristen Morales, ACC Planning Commission member
Dr. Jennifer Rice, Athens Justice & Memory Project & Prince Ave TSPLOST user group
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