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Just a few major accomplishments In which Melissa has had a significant role:

Melissa is eager to bring all she has learned in two terms representing the people of Hancock, Rocksprings, Broadacres, Columbia Brookside, Brooklyn, Boulevard, Normaltown, & Cobbham to work hard for new constituents in East Athens, Pulaski Heights, & Newtown. In her eight years in office, Melissa has successfully fought to protect neighborhoods & the environment, invest in affordable housing, tackle our homelessness crisis, uphold economic & racial justice, preserve Athens’ unique culture & history, support public transit and bike & pedestrian safety, improve Downtown for all in our community, expand parks & trails for a healthier & more connected community, support the arts & preserve our cultural heritage, create youth opportunities, increase wages for ACC staff, and promote justice & equality for all. As chair of the Clarke County Board of Health during the height of the COVID-19

pandemic, she defended public health & safety and tirelessly advocated for investment in testing & vaccination resources in underserved populations.

So many of the problems we face today are the result of zoning decisions made 20+ years ago. As Athens-Clarke County takes on the 20-year updates to our Future Land Use Map in the coming year, Melissa is committed to involving the community in identifying needed changes to protect neighborhoods, encourage affordable housing & smart economic development, preserve the environment, and find appropriate locations for student housing beyond the immediate Downtown area.

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